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Neurobiologists are curious how a walk in the sunshine can change your mood. In a recent study, Dr. Davide Dulcis discovered that the chemicals in a rat's brain change based on periods of light and darkness. In this podcast, Dr. Dulcis explains how this study could change how we think about animal behavior and neurological disorders.

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A 3D look at sperm

When early microbiologists were improving the microscope, one of the first things they looked at was sperm. Today, researchers are still interested in the odd movements of sperm cells.

In a new experiment, UCLA researcher Dr. Aydogan Ozcan used 3D imaging equipment to study horse and human sperm cells. In this podcast, Ozcan explains how this research could change animal breeding.

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Dr. Robert Brackett, a food safety expert, tells us about new technologies that can protect food safety. He also talks about his work in Washington D.C. and the importance of "food defense."

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